A Little India in Myanmar, with Hindi classes and an RSS branch

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    Indians have lived in Burma for many centuries.

    The majority are the descendants of the Indian community that emigrated to Burma during the British rule in the mid-19th century to the separation of British Burma from British India in 1937.

    Many returned to India during the Japanese occupation of Burma and the quite a few returned when the the Burmese Govt forcefully expelled Indians in 1962. There is only a much reduced community of ethnic Indians now in Burma.

    The conditions for ethnic India does not seem to be good, for if they have been granted Burmese citizenship, it is surprising that they are not allowed to vote in the elections. This is an issue that requires addressing by the Indian Govt as the relations improve.

    That they are not aggressive and have amalgamated into the Burmese society is indicative of their not facing the wrath as the Muslim Rohingyas face, where regular and serialised mayhem is unleashed by the local Buddhists under the protective cover of the Myanmar Govt.

    Notwithstanding, it is time for the Myanmar Govt to address the reality of existence of minorities and give them equal rights as citizens.
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