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    The link below provides a rare photo of a Me-109 used by Japan, with the mark of the Rising Sun emblazoned on the fuselage. Does anyone know if Japan used German fighters in combat? The link also features a selection of photos unimaginable for the High Command of the Luftwaffe at the beginning of WW2, see their powerful Me-109 and Fw-190 fighters captured and tested with allied markings. To view all photos, visit the link below:


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    a famous BF109-E4 was transported to Japan via a U-boat coz at that time the allies controlled the ship rout between Europe and Far East... months long under water journey was the only choice... after delivering some key real military Equipment and papers, these U-boats brought back quite some strategic materials(rubber, rare metal, Carrier design) originate from the east ...


    BF-109 was a classic water-cooled engine fighter but most of Japanese WWII fighters are Air-cooled engine planes...that's why Japan asked for a real plane delivered for reference...but at the same time , Japanese designer was also developing own fighter project with water-cooled engine : the Ki60 and Ki61.


    Japan didn't use the only BF109 in hand for any combat but test and assessment only...it was compared with the Ki-60 ,Ki-61 and captured P-40 Hawk, the Japanese found their Ki-61 was a better one than BF109 and didn't copy it although some means of production was hand over...

    some other airplanes were also transported to Japan via the underwater transportation...

    for example: a FW-190-A8 was also delivered for test later...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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