A historic decision : Age limit raised to 40 for West Bengal Group C, D jobs .

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    A historic decision, says Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

    The West Bengal government is relaxing the upper age limit for Group C and D jobs.

    “A Cabinet decision has already been taken,” the Chief Minister said, describing it as “a historic one.” “It will not block opportunities to new entrants,” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee averred here on Friday.

    “We have now made it possible [for aspirants] to apply for C and D jobs till 40 years in the general category, till 43 for the Other Backward Classes and for handicapped persons and till 45 for the Scheduled Classes and the Scheduled Tribes.”

    (The previous Left Front government relaxed by five years the earlier age limit of 32 for the general category. That notification expires on Saturday.)


    Ms. Banerjee said nearly 2.75 lakh jobs had been created in the seven months of her Trinamool Congress government coming to power. It would be many more in the private sector and “we expect that over the next one year at least four to five lakh jobs would be created.”

    The government also decided to introduce compulsory vocational education at the school level. “This will create trained boys and girls,” she said.

    Ms. Banerjee indicated that the government was working on a plan to arrest the flight of talent in the Information Technology sector, where youth go to other States for better paying jobs. “We are poor. West Bengal is financially weak … but we are trying and we will announce it shortly,” she said.

    The Hindu : News / National : Age limit raised to 40 for West Bengal Group C, D jobs

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