A Great soldier,who destroyed 168 confirmed enemy Tank

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    Kurt Knispel-(20 September 1921 – 28 April 1945) was a-Sudeten German-Heerpanzer loader, gunner and later commander, and was the highest scoring tank ace of-World War II-with a total of 168 confirmed tank kills;[1]-the actual number, although unconfirmed, may be as high as 195.[1]-

    With 168 confirmed (possibly as high as 195) kills,[1]-Knispel was by far the most successful tanker of the-Second World War[1]-and is even credited with knocking out a-T-34-at 3000 meters, as well as the destruction of over 70 enemy Pak (anti-tank guns), and countless bunkers and field works. He fought in virtually every type of German tank as loader, gunner and commander. He was awarded the-Iron Cross, First Class, after destroying his fiftieth enemy tank and the-Tank Assault Badge-in Gold after more than 100 tank battles. When Knispel had destroyed 126 enemy tanks (with another 20 unconfirmed kills), he was awarded the-German Cross-in Gold. He became the only non-commissioned officer of the German tank army to be named in a-Wehrmacht communique. As commander of a Tiger I and then a Tiger II, Knispel destroyed another 42 enemy tanks.

    Though he was recommended for it four times, Knispel never received the coveted Knight's Cross, a standard award for most other World War II German tank aces. Unlike some other commanders, Knispel was not consumed by the pursuit of decorations and did not suffer from a "sore throat", Heer slang for those who lusted after the Knight's Cross. When there were conflicting claims for a destroyed enemy tank, Knispel always stepped back, always willing to credit success to someone else.[citation needed]

    Knispel's slow promotion is attributed to several conflicts with higher Nazi authorities (for instance, he assaulted anEinsatzgruppen-officer whom he saw mistreating Soviet POWs) and a perceived view by some historians of his general lack of military bearing, sporting a goatee and hair longer than regulations. As per Lt Colonel Alfred Rubbel, Kurt was always willing to help (immer gewillt zu helfen...) and friendly (freundlich).[5]

    Death- he died during battle of -Wostitz, where he was fatally wounded together with another tank commander Feldwebel Skoda (Skoda was buried inSocherl). Knispel died in a field hospital inUrbau-and was buried at a local cemetery. Ten days after his death, the war in Europe ended. On April 10, 2013 Czech authorities confirmed that Knispel's remains were found among 15 other German soldiers behind a church wall in Urbau. He was identified by his dog tag.[2][3]-It is likely that he will be reburied at the military cemetery in-Brno.
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    Nice post about a great German soldier who only did his duty during the dark days of World War-2. He too fought for his nation and deserves respect regardless of anything else. Sad that he died at such a young age.
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