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    From the first day of the independent development, Uzbekistan has been following the policy of openness and seeking to develop mutually beneficial relations with all members of the international community. At the same time, the priority attention is devoted to the cooperation in economic sphere.
    The one of the old partners in this sphere for Uzbekistan is the Great Britain. The Uzbek-British Union on trade and industry was established in 1994. Its successful activity is promoting dynamic progress of mutually beneficial relations.
    However, for deep regret, very seldom the entrepreneurs, that don not follow existing agreements and the legislation effective in Uzbekistan are found.
    According to the data of the sources close to the law enforcement agencies of the Uzbekistan, on 9 of November, 2013 B.M.Salakhitdinov and M.F.Madjitov, the employees of “Tethys” Company office were arrested.
    In April 2009 the “Tethys Petroleum Ltd.” had bought out the shares of “Baker Hughes (Cyprus) Limited”, that had been taking part in the investment project on “Increasing the production of liquid hydrocarbon in deposits of the Republic of Uzbekistan” jointly with “Uzbekneftegaz”, National Holding Company from 2009.
    According to the informed persons, in 2011 the criminal case was investigated against the citizens of Uzbekistan, who was working at “Tethys Petroleum Ltd.”, on the facts of appropriation of Uzbek share of produced oil and money laundering.
    The law enforcement agencies are assessing the amount of the caused damage for 30 million US dollars.
    Taking into account warm and developing partnership between Uzbekistan and Great Britain the Uzbek side during 2 years had been persuading Salakhitdiniv and Madjitov to repair a damage.
    But they refused pay the mentioned sum of money voluntarily, referring to the close relations with high-ranking official of the republic and to their immunity.
    Thereby, Uzbek forces had to take measures on their arrest. The details on the case are unknown, but according to the informed sources, they have to repair a damage nevertheless.

    Sergey Krichenko

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