A day of drama at Tamil Nadu House

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by MMuthu, May 22, 2009.

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    New Delhi: It was high drama at the Tamil Nadu House, where over 100 journalists had gathered since morning, anticipating the arrival of senior Congress leaders to sign an agreement with the DMK.

    Around noon DMK leaders T.R. Baalu, Dayananidhi Maran and Kanimozhi met senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and submitted seven names — three with Cabinet rank, two MoS with independent charge and two MoS. For the three Cabinet berths, the portfolios of Surface Transport, Shipping and Power, Railways or Telecom were sought. For the Minister of State (independent charge) the Health portfolio was sought. The second round of talks was held in the evening and TV channels started announcing the portfolios of DMK ministers stating that the DMK proposal had been accepted. But it transpired that the Congress was not prepared to give more than two Cabinet berths and four MoS (including one independent charge).

    Then came the announcement from Mr. Baalu about the telephonic conversation between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and DMK president M. Karunanidhi and the latter informing Dr. Singh that the Congress formula was not acceptable .

    On the eve of the swearing-in in 2004 too, the DMK had stated that it would stay out of the government. But the issue was sorted out.
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    The DMK is making a Sucker out of themselvs again
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    Dmk is trying to hard bargain like last time .wants all key posts including telecom,finance,power,railway,land and sea transportation.Last time congree had to depend on dmk so they have given posts but this time it wouldnt happen as they have much better position.What is left to see is whether DMK or Congress bows down.Karunas canidates include his son,daughter,gransdon and two of his stauch confidants.
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    DMK is not joining the government as of now.
    The Congress themselves have dropped ministers like Arjun Singh, H.R Bharadwaj, Sis Ram Ola. So if the PM says he doesnt want non performing candidates from the DMK, why is MK not relenting? Besides he is asking a bit too much from the Congress.
    Surprising that Mamata has not asked a lot from the Congress and infact Congress is forcing her to take up Railways portfolio.
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    I hope Dayanidi gets the telecoms portfolio.He was the one responsible for ushering in the broadband revolution in the country,ever since he stepped down as a result of his fallout with MK senior,the Broadband scene in the country has become listless..............

    DMK will drive hard bargain on the basis of the fact that it remained loyal to the congress while others deserted the UPA alliance and now its the turn of the congress to return the favor,in politics its not good to ignore your friends even in good times.eventually DMK will have back off and settle for three cabinet posts(perhaps in addition to a MoS portfolio)

    Congress will be extremely vary of handing over the Ministry of surface Transport to the DMK considering the previous experience,T R Balu was quite determined to get through the sethu project despite its controversy.Congress would like to avoid this by denying DMK the ministry or take promise on shelving the project.Finance and railway are out of question.

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