a common account for DFI management.

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    we have created a new account, having a handle "dfimanagement".

    the need for this handle was felt because the DFI management has completely different features to those that appear for our other members and there are times when the thread, a deleted post, edited post appear different for both the regular members and for the moderators. then there are instances when certain complaints are made and since we have different features and views, we do not get a common understanding on the problem being faced by the user, and so as to have a better understanding of the difficulties faced we have this new handle.

    this handle can be made interactive, you can directly write in PMs, or leave visitor messages which will be replied back to, also this handle can be used to make certain announcements in future or issue individual directives to members, so do not think some alien is trying to play a role of a moderator.

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