A China Watcher’s Observations On India

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    here is a very interesting travelouge!

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    India China relations are purely business and trade. 60 billion dollar trade and investment oppurtunities in both countries.
    However the people to people contacts are extremely limited.May be language is the reason. For Indians it is the English speaking countries like US UK Australia ,Canada NZ that interest them

    Chinese people are ethnically common with south east Asian countries .

    Language and ethnicity matters a lot There fore you find Though pakistanis are totally dependent on China
    yet they are obsessed with India
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    Here is a westerner's observation who has lived in both China and India for a few years.

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    EST, USA
    India will top China: Howard

    India will top China: Howard

    Daniel Lane, October 31, 2010, Sydney Morning Herald

    FORMER prime minister John Howard has predicted China's one-child policy and its political philosophy will allow India to supersede it as the dominant nation in Asia before the end of the 21st century.

    Mr Howard also said China would never overtake the US as the world's military or financial superpower.

    ''I think China is a rising power but I do not share the view China will ever outstrip the United States as an economic power or military power,'' he said at a Sydney Morning Herald/Dymocks literary lunch to promote his autobiography, Lazarus Rising.

    ''I think one of the problems China [has] is eventually she will have to decide whether she can maintain a position where the country is economically liberal and open and, politically, still closed and controlled.

    ''I think at the end there'll be an unravelling and they'll have to make … quite a hard decision.

    ''The other problem China has is she will grow old before she grows rich, she's got a terrible demographic problem because of the one-child policy. [China] is a rapidly ageing country, whereas a country like India is a younger country and I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the century India is a more powerful country.''

    Mr Howard said changing power bases in Asia justified his government's decision to forge new regional alliances while strengthening Australia's ties to its traditional allies.

    ''I think you can have both, we never had to choose between our history and geography,'' he said.

    The former PM also paid tribute to his wife, Janette, revealing the pair differed on many issues, including capital punishment.

    ''Janette is a very intelligent independently minded person,'' said Mr Howard.

    ''Broadly speaking, my wife and I disagree on capital punishment.

    ''As a lawyer, I'm not really in favour of capital punishment … I always think the law can make mistakes but Janette has a slightly differing view to me.''

    Source: http://www.smh.com.au/world/india-will-top-china-howard-20101030-1786k.html

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