A CHANGING HONG KONG AND U.S. POLICY By Michael F. Martin January 2011 PDF version

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    It appears that the US is apprehensive that C.ommunist China would tweak Hong Kong's political, legal, and economic systems to assimilate it into the Chinese CCP's system in its holity and seriously compromise the limited autonomy Hong Kong has till now.

    After all, Hong Kong was China's 'window' to the world. Now that China is a world player on its own terms, it surely is on a firmer footing and would like to assimilate Hong Kong to the CCP ways.

    It is fair of the US to demand that so long as Hong Kong continues to “enjoy a high degree of autonomy on all matters other than defense and foreign affairs,” the United States will continue to treat Hong Kong as a separate entity from China with respect to commerce, trade, transportation, cultural and educational exchanges, and in international agreements and entities in which Hong Kong participates as a separate entity from China. In addition, the Hong Kong Policy Act states that the United States, as a fundamental principle of its foreign policy, supports the democratization of Hong Kong and the safeguarding of the human rights of the people of Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong is a part of China and therefore is it wrong of China to assimilate it in the way she so desires?

    Notwithstanding, it is an interesting sitrep of what is Hong Kong and what is its future.

    Will the US be able to influence the policies and if so what would be the implications.

    If China assimilates HK, what are the implications?

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