A Bill to scrap J&K's 'integral' link with India

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    Srinagar: People's Democratic Party (PDP) MLA Nizamudin Bhat has moved a private member's Bill in the state assembly for the deletion of Sections 3 and 5 of the Jammu & Kashmir constitution, which means that the state would cease to be a part of the Union of Indian.

    Section 3 of the J&K constitution states it is and will remain an integral part of the Union of India.

    Section 5 is about the extent of executive and legislative power of the state which extends to all matters except those in which Parliament has power to make laws for the state under the provisions of the Constitution of India.

    Muhammad Ramzan, secretary of the J& K Assembly said the Bill has been admitted by the speaker.

    "I have moved a private member Bill seeking deletion of section 3 and 5 of the Jammu and Kashmir constitution. If we are sincere in our political utterances that Kashmir is a dispute then the constitution should provide me the space to solve it," Bhat, a PDP legislator from North Kashmir's Bandipora constituency said.

    "This question should be kept wide open if Kashmir has to be resolved and any kind of hurdle has to be removed to provide for re-determining the state's relation with the Union of India," Bhat added.

    The PDP has distanced itself from the Bill.

    Section 3 of the J&K constitution states it is and will remain an integral part of the Union of India

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    Politicking simply politicking Kashmir valley won't survive a blockade if India decides to go for it and the pakis and Kashmiris can do zilch if India ignores human rights
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    This has already been done with article 370 decades ago no need for redundancy.
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    A clear pattern is emerging,CM Omar Abdullah says Kashmir acceded to India,but did not merge with it,now there is an attempt to legalize the logic,which is gaining strength in the so called Kashmir mainstream,that accession does not amount to integration.In the recent years a clear narrative has begun to emerge in Srinagar, where the even the tenuous constitutional linkage to rest of India,is being constantly questioned.The interesting thing most of it is not coming not from the separatist camp.Recently the J&K govt shot of a letter to other sates stating that they should consult with the J&K govt before detaining any Kashmir for questioning in the respective states.This is an unprecedented demand,clearly illustrates the fact that the J&K govt considers itself as a sovereign entity superior compared to other states.

    The chasm between the separatist and unionist perception on relation with rest of India is becoming increasingly narrow,this also coincides with increased bonhomie between the two.We do not yet know of what assurances Geelani has decides to call of a repeat of his last years week long strikes,may be this is a hint.
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    This is a never ending game unless the GOI decides to get tough with the seperatists...and I mean really tough. Such blatant and brazen treachery and secessions are not tolerated in any other decent nation.
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    This can turn out to be a very controversial move indeed if it does go through.

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