A Baloch poet and three other students abducted by Pakistani forces

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    Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani forces continue abduction of Baloch students.Three more student identified as Arafat s/o Ibrahim,Zahoor s/o Abdul Kareem, o Musadique s/o Murad Mohd, were abducted by FC personnel near Shadi Kaur, Pasni.They were going to resume their study in Quetta.It should be noted that they are college students.Their whereabout is still unknown.

    In another incident, FC personnel abducted the renown Balochi poet and social worker Shakir Shad. Shakir was travelling on bus from Karachi to turbat that the bus was stopped by FC personnel and they whisked him away with them. He is a social activist and a renown poet in Balochi. Like all disappeared persons his whereabouts is unknown.

    It should be noted that Baloch nationalists claim that more than 13,000 Baloch activists, poets, and innocent people have been abducted by Pakistani security forces ,and more than 250 bullet riddled dead bodies of disappeared person have recently been recovered. The Baloch calls this policy of occupant forces “kill and dump policy.”
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    Pakistan army is an expert in kill and dump, this is nothing new. War on terror is only an excuse for Pak army to target freedom fighters.
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