” AWACS India ” waits Government Clearance

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    ” AWACS India ” waits Government Clearance

    Phase-II project of countries own AWACS developmental In India under DRDO has been given Project name has ” AWACS India ” and DRDO has already send given a proposal to Government of India and AWACS India project will be cleared by year end if all goes well .

    Under Phase-II of Awacs India Project DRDO will be developing 360 Degree coverage Aesa Radar to be mounted on Aircraft’s with high endurance and more power . Awacs India will succeed Phalcon systems mounted on Russian IL-76 aircraft’s .

    Choice of aircraft for Awacs India will be jointly studied by DRDO and Indian air force and then selected . Phase-I project under which Active Array Antenna Unit (AAAU), developed by DRDO’s Center for Airborne Systems (CABS), will be integrated into the modified EMB-145 aircraft.

    First modified EMB-145 aircraft will be delivered to India before end 2012 and second and third modified EMB-145 aircraft’s will be handed over to India in 2013 , Awacs India or Phase-II will start in 2015 after work on Phase-I is completed and aircraft’s been handed over to Indian air force , Sources close to idrw.org have informed us that more three aircraft’s from Brazialian ” Embraer “manufactures of EMB-145 aircraft will be ordered since Indian air force has higher systems requirments of such aircraft’s .

    Indian air force has plans to operate close to 24 AWA&CS and AWACS aircraft’s in near future and number of aircraft’s required for Awacs India or Phase -II is still not clear . ” India is making rapid progress in terms on technical know of in area of radars and research is comparable to Europeans ” was the statement made by a DRDO official to idrw.org some time back ”:confused: .

    ” AWACS India ” waits Government Clearance | idrw.org
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    How much did USA take to develop AWACS?

    OK give four times more period to Indians>
    When did the DODOs commence work on AWACS?

    they are still on ground zero. They should all be exported to Gulags !
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    pls give 4 times more budget then what is given to US, BTW present must be at least divided by 4.

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