795 low-capacity cellphone towers dot Red Corridor

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    In the past three months, 795 mobile-phone towers have been set up in the Maoist-affected districts of the country, known as the Red Corridor.

    The plan to provide a channel of communication in these remote areas has taken off after remaining on paper for the past five years. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government aims to erode the influence of Maoists with connectivity and a faster mode of communication. There is a glitch though. These towers can handle only 20 calls at a time and data services are a distant reality, sources said.:confused1:

    Mobile-phone connectivity is one of many development projects being taken up in the Maoist-affected States. Officials involved in the project said the presence of Bharatiya Janata Party governments at the Centre and in the States had helped.

    For example, Chhattisgarh, a BJP-ruled State, the worst affected by Maoist activities, has installed 465 of the 497 towers proposed. They are being put up in the vicinity of security camps of the Central armed police forces and local police stations.

    The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the single largest Central force deployed in the States affected by Left-wing extremism, has been asked to install 170 mobile towers in its camps. Of these camps, the process for installation has been initiated on 107 sites, and 49 are fully functional.

    Though Jharkhand is a BJP-ruled State, only 175 of the 782 proposed towers have been installed in the State.

    A senior Home Ministry official said the towers were being powered by solar energy as conventional power supply was hard to come by in the remote pockets. “We are increasingly investing in solar-powered mobile-phone towers as transmission of electricity to the interior areas of the affected States is still not possible.”

    A Chhattisgarh government official said though mobile towers had been installed, issues pertaining to connectivity still existed.

    Good going.

    But, why the limitation with the number of calls per tower ?

    Is it because of inadequate power, or a deliberate strategy of countering any use of such by Naxalites themselves?

    Also, can government monitor the calls made through them ? as they maybe used by Naxals to strengthen their network.
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    Less number of channel so less number of frequency. if the traffic is less then no point of installing more channels.

    I don't know much about power.

    Yes, government can monitor each and every call if needed.
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