70% of electronics in Russian arms are imported

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    70% of electronics in Russian arms are imported

    Up to 70% of electronic components used in the production of Russian arms, is imported, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Valery Yazev during parliamentary hearings devoted to the development of electronic industry on Monday, reports Nakanune.RU.

    "Even in the newly developed national samples of weapons, military and special equipment used up to 70% of foreign electronic components," - said Valery Yazev.

    According to him, this is not the only problem, as foreign manufacturers impose permanent restrictions on the supply of necessary components in Russia, and the developers have to deliver products that do not meet customer requirements.

    Judge the state of the domestic electronic industry in general can be a prime example, he said.

    "I think that in this room there is not one person who would be in the pocket of the domestic mobile phone production" - said Valery Yazev.

    "The share of domestic producers in the world market amounts to one percent. In many areas, our products are not competitive," - he added.

    Valery Yazev said that the Russian government to develop a new editorial strategy for the development of electronic industry, which would meet the realities of today.

    "We need to carry out not only modernize the industry, but also optimization. Many businesses have excess production base, and to buy domestic, but not advanced, we can no longer be" - the vice-speaker of the Duma.

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