66 per cent children face sexual exploitation in Rajasthan

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    66 out of 100 children in Rajasthan are sexually exploited and 50 per cent of the perpetrators are known to the children; 39 per cent of girls living on pavements are sexually exploited before the age of 10; 63 per cent of school-going girls are exploited by their own family members and relatives. These disturbing figures were revealed at a one-day workshop organised by the Rajasthan police and the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights(SCPCR) here on Thursday.

    The workshop was organised to create awareness about the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, which was passed by the Parliament earlier this year.

    SCPCR chairperson Deepak Kalra said child sexual exploitation was a serious crime and perpetrators of such crimes must not be spared.

    “Sexual exploitation scars a child for life. The police should try to understand the child’s state of mind and ensure he/she is not harassed further during investigation,” said Ms. Kalra.

    UNICEF Child Protection Specialist, Rajasthan, Sulagna Roy presented worrisome statistics related to child sexual exploitation in the State.

    Inspector General of Police (citizen rights) N. Maurice Babu said the state police was committed to prevent such crimes against children.

    “Since 2005, special units have been established in all districts of Rajasthan. Further, we have appointed sub-inspector level officers as child welfare officers. We have also established a missing child cell under the crime branch to look after cases involving children aged 3 to 10 years,” said Mr. Babu.

    The Hindu : States / Other States : ‘66 per cent children face sexual exploitation in Rajasthan’

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