60 Myanmarese poachers held off Andamans

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    NEW DELHI: As many as 60 Myanmarese poachers have been held by the Coast Guard in less than a week off the Andaman islands. In all, 88 poachers and seven boats from Myanmar have been apprehended in the region this month.

    The latest incident took place when Coast Guard ship 'Aruna Asaf Ali' spotted "suspicious movement" of two boats, separated from each other by a distance of around five miles, on Wednesday night. The boats, with 24 poachers on board, surrendered only after warning shots were fired during the subsequent high-speed chase.

    Incidentally, the Coco Islands of Myanmar are just about 26 miles from Indian territorial waters, making it easier for poachers to sneak into Indian waters and return with their loot. "The Northern Andaman Sea has abundant sea cucumber, molluscs and corals, tempting poachers to indulge in illegal extraction of underwater marine wealth in India's EEZ ," said a defence official.

    "All the apprehended boats, carrying sufficient fuel and provisions to sustain at sea for a prolonged duration, were equip- ped with diving equipment. The smuggling of molluscs and sea cucumber, which have medicinal value, is rampant due to their high prices in the international market," he added.

    60 Myanmarese poachers held off Andamans - The Times of India

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