547 airmen inducted into IAF

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    A batch of 547 airmen was today inducted into the Indian Air Force on completion of training at the Air Force Station at suburban Tambaram.

    They were inducted into IAF at a combined passing out parade reviewed by Command Non-Technical Training Officer (Headquarter) training command Air Commodore Pawan Mullick.

    The personnel were trained at the Mechanical training institute and workshop training institute before passing out, a Defence release here said.

    Air Commodore Mullick urged them to make sustained efforts towards continous enhancement of their knowlege by keeping themselves abreast of the changes.

    He advised the trainees to maintain exemplary conduct at all times, in keeping with the ethos of the service.

    The parade culminated with the display of continuity drill, pipe band and aerobics, the release said.

    The parade was followed by presentation of awards and trophies. The passing out trainees were administered oath of their joining in the Air Force fraternity, it added.

    547 airmen inducted into IAF | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
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    A little off-topic:

    I was having conversation w/ an ex-serviceman from IAF. He said there is a huge dissatisfaction among the airmen for career growth. Their growth of salary is non-existent compared to their officer-class. He joined in contemporary Grade Pay of 1900/- and have retired w/ only one upgradation to Rs. 2400/- after 20 years of service and in the rank of a sergeant. He also said that the mandatory increase in pay-slab in r/o grade pay which comes for a civilian employee after 20 years, comes after 21.5 yrs for the airmen, effectively denying most of the airmen of the benefit as a majority do not re-enlist for another 3-6 yr stint. Even, that the IAF have stopped giving 3 yr. extension and insisting for 6 yrs. for re-enlistment.

    When he admitted that infrastructure wise IAF is best to rear one's family, but lack of growth in career is a big dampner for him and many others. He also hinted that favoritism plays a big role in promotions, leaves etc, which was corroborated by another serving sailor in IN. The IN guy has completed his masters but in last 14 yrs. service he has not got any promotion and was telling that there was not any chance of one in near future too. When the IN guys are entitled to 30 days of casual leave on discretion of the CO, he said that (and was supported by another IN warrant officer) it is exclusively for the favorites of the CO, and that most CL goes to waste.

    This kind of discussion upsets me, as I am a great fan of armed force, and I feel that there may be growing officer class who are hurting the forces by this kind of attitude. Also, the servicemen should get all the benefits of pay civilian employees - actually more than the civilians, as a clerk w/ Rs. 1900/- G.P. doesn't have to risk his/her life to put the pen in the paper.
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    Our society has degraded over time. Armed forces are no aliens; they are derived from this very lot. The rot is too wide & deep.

    But, gradually, things are improving for good & such issues are being acknowledged & taken care of. It cannot be sorted out it 1 day.

    Some institutional reforms are underway. Few years from now, you would be able to see/tell the difference.
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    more and more people are joining the services, so i believe more number of aircrafts and other equipments are needed to be inducted into the service...

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