400 Chinese govt sites hacked by Pak groups

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    400 Chinese govt sites hacked by Pak groups

    EIJING: A group of Pakistani hackers are giving sleepless nights to hundreds of agencies and provincial governments in China by defacing their websites. Anti-hacking agencies and sites like PasteBin and the Pakistani media have reported that over 400 Chinese government sites have been attacked by Pakistani groups.

    This is the first major attack by Pakistani hackers in China, which is particularly supportive of the Islamic neighbour. Hackers in Pakistan have defaced many scientific, military and official websites in India in the past.

    A major target for the hackers is Xuchang City in China's Henan province. It's largely the handiwork of a hacker who goes by the name 'code cracker' and is part of hacking group, Pakistan Cyber Army, according to Hack Read, an information sharing site.

    The hacker posted his groups' signature defacement image on the official web site of Xuchang City People's Procuratorate.

    He hit 437 sub-domain sites and web pages of the Xuchang government, and left the tell-tale signature on many of them

    400 Chinese govt sites hacked by Pak groups - The Times of India


    Most shocking for those who find China's friendship deeper than the Pacific and higher then the Everest.

    What's up?

    Relations souring after the dud locomotives sent by China?

    Or a new found zeal to support the Uighurs?

    China is sure being taken for a ride!

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