40 militants surrendered in manipur

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    Imphal, Oct 28 (ANI): Around 40 insurgents belonging to the United Tribal Liberation Army (UTLA) laid down their arms under a special programme called 'Suspension of Operation' here on Thursday.

    Appreciating their initiative, the Commandant of 46 Assam Rifles, Colonel Vikas Chawla, said this step would restore much needed peace and stability in the region.

    "The president and the general secretary of the group announce the historic decision to shun the violence and join the peace initiative. The group was raised to protect the interest of the community, however they realised that the arms struggle is not the solution and have now finally decided to come home," said Chawla.

    "I greet Mr Izeal (President of UTLA) and Mr Sehjahao (General Secretary) along with their cadres and wish them all the luck and prosperity in near future. The leadership of the group has understood the peace moves and advantages of coming home," he added.

    Meanwhile, Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh said that the state government would provide rehabilitation packages to these militants to ensure them a decent lifestyle after surrender.

    "I would like to assure that our peace initiative for would be duly honored and the government would make its best possible efforts to redress the grievances brought to its notice," said Singh.

    During the surrender ceremony president of the UTLA, Izeal said that the group believed that the Indian government always neglected the tribals of the northeast.

    "The people of United Tribal Liberation Army have one thing in mind that tribals are neglected by Indians actually. From the beginning we are neglected and we aim that the tribal group especially in the northeast to be united and stand as one in the country. That is what our motive in the beginning was," said Izeal.

    However, the UTLA president also added that there are many more militants who hold different opinion and have not surrendered yet but hopes that they would understand the importance of peace soon.

    The group has already submitted their charter of demands to the both state and central government.

    According to security officials, over 50 militants have surrendered in the past four months.

    The government is offering the militants various post-surrender rehabilitation packages to lure them to join the mainstream. (ANI)

    40 militants surrender in Manipur
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    So the real story is just beginning.
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    Holy Hell
    The main reason for their rebellion is due to lack of development in their respective areas. If development reached the masses then they have no reason to be particularly rebellious and join groups like Naxals or ULFA. As the country grows separatism will automatically reduce.

    However there are individual communist ideologies and foreign influence that may continue playing spoilsport for quite sometime and those forces have to be handled with an iron fist.

    India runs rehabilitation programs for Kashmiri terrorists as well. However hardcore Kashmiri terrorists and foreign terrorists like Pakistanis, Afghanis, Uzbeiks and Tajiks are captured or killed. Plenty of kids get caught up in the mix and end up doing something stupid. Such individuals always have room in India once rehabilitated.
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    Good to see some improvement in the situation in Manipur.
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    Very well spoken. But I am sure that the "other" militants that Izeal mentioned are CCP stooges doing their dirty work. Guess one more arm of CCP broken here in NE. If there's a proactive government like Narendra Modi's at national level, militancy in NE can be over in a matter of just one year. That would break the Red's will and in frustration they will be forced to fight, which of course will lead to their own rule's destruction.

    There's this wonderful saying that Gandhi said sometime back... something like "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they get angry and then you win". That's the only thing he said that I respect because usually fun-making enemies do that all the time and their story also ends like how these words are mentioned.

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