338 school buildings unsafe in Himachal: Survey

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    338 school buildings unsafe in Himachal: Survey
    India - 5 april 2011

    SHIMLA: A government survey of school buildings after the collapse of a boundary wall of a primary school two months back, in Una district, which left four children dead, has found 338 buildings to be unsafe.

    Education minister I D Dhiman stated this in assembly on Monday. Replying to a question by Kaul Singh Thakur of the Congress, the minister disclosed that 74 school buildings in Bilaspur district, 72 in Kangra, 41 in Hamirpur, 33 in Kullu, 30 each in Una and Shimla districts, 23 in Solan, 19 in Mandi, 12 in Kinnaur, three in Sirmaur and one in Chamba district that had been declared as unsafe. However, all school structures in Lahaul-Spiti district are safe, he added.

    He said orders had been given for demolition of 38 unsafe school buildings in Hamirpur district, 37 in Kangra, 30 in Una, 28 in Bilaspur, 22 in Kullu, 15 in Solan, 14 in Shimla, 12 in Mandi, 5 in Kinnaur, 2 in Sirmaur and 1 in Chamba district.

    Five persons had been arrested for construction of a substandard-quality boundary wall at a primary school at Chhatarpur Village in Una district. The wall had collapsed on February 7, 2011, owing to high-speed winds.

    Source: The Times of India
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    We need set rules and regulations for buildings in our country both private and public.

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