31 Year old still a baby...looking for mother!!!

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    What a dummy
    31-year-old man lives like a baby... wearing nappies & sleeping in crib


    A MAN of 31 spends his days pretending to be a two-year-old — complete with wearing nappies and a dummy.

    Stanley Thornton has spent the last 18 years as an adult baby, wearing a romper suit and sleeping in a super-sized cot.

    Stanley, who revealed his favourite age is two, said: "I feel like when I'm wearing a diaper, it's like a constant hug from mommy.

    "I think about acting like a baby every day.

    "For me it's a big part of my life — it's something you can go to bed doing."

    He added: "I feel having a crib is the most important thing.


    "The bars, they signify safety and it's something babies have when they are growing up."

    American Stanley has also kitted out his home with a playpen, crayons and a giant high chair where he eats his meals.


    The 5ft 6in man gets his baby clothes tailor-made, including pyjamas and a special blue romper suit.

    Stanley — who weighs in at 21st and is on benefits — claims his desire to dress up and play baby stems from his childhood.

    He said: "It's not sexual at all. It's a feeling of being safe.

    "It's a feeling I didn't have while growing up — and being an adult baby became my way of coping with the world and my own problems."


    American Stanley — who was featured on TLC's My Crazy Obsession — is currently searching for a full-time mum.

    Any takers?

    Stanley Thornton, 31, is adult baby with nappies, a dummy & crib | The Sun |News
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    Their tax money pays for that woman to role-play as mommy. Holy Cow!

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