2G Scam lead prosecutor colluded with the accused

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    CBI started a preliminary enquiry into 2G scam lead prosecutor AK Singh collusion with 2G accuse Unitech's Sanjay Chandra.

    16 min phone tap recording proves the point.

    More to come...
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    2G spectrum scam: CBI lawyer sacked over new audio tapes

    New Delhi: The telecom scam, whose alleged constituents include a former union minister and the executives of some of India's best-known companies, has delivered a new wallop.

    The CBI has removed its lawyer in the telecom scam case because he was allegedly colluding with representatives of one of the companies accused of criminal conspiracy and cheating to land an out-of-turn mobile network license in 2008 from then minister A Raja.

    The CBI confirmed that it has removed its prosecutor, AK Singh, based on audio tapes that purportedly reveal him advising Sanjay Chandra, Unitech's Managing Director, on his legal strategy. Both Mr Singh and Mr Chandra were questioned today, CBI sources said.

    The telecom scam is worth 1.76 lakh crores according to the government's auditor or CAG. The government has disputed the price-tag, but the scam tossed Mr Raja, Mr Chandra and several other senior executives into Delhi's Tihar Jail for several months.

    The case is being tried by a special CBI court in Delhi; the CBI's investigations are being monitored by the Supreme Court.

    Officials at the investigating agency say the taped phone conversations were sent anonymously and are being forensically examined. Unitech has so far not commented on the purported sting. The agency confirmed they have informed the Supreme Court about this development since they are monitoring the case.

    2G spectrum scam: CBI lawyer sacked over new audio tapes | NDTV.com
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    2G: CBI finds its own prosecutor AK Singh colluding with one of the accused - India - IBNLive

    It has been a case which has involved some of the biggest names in politics, corporate India and the bureaucracy. For the last three years, the 2G case has become synonymous with a corrupt system and has had many twists and turns.
    Now, CNN-IBN reveals another dramatic twist, one which could throw the case into another spin. For, it reveals possible collusion between the prosecution and the accused in the case, which is being monitored by the Supreme Court.
    The CNN-IBN investigation into the 2G case reveals that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) suspects its own prosecutor of aiding the accused. The CBI has registered a Preliminary Enquiry report, which names the lead 2G prosecutor AK Singh. The CBI Preliminary Enquiry Report also names Unitech MD Sanjay Chandra.

    The CBI says the agency possess audio recordings with the suspected voices of Singh and Chandra. According to the CBI the prosecutor shared the legal strategy with the accused, Sanjay Chandra. Now, the CBI says that lead 2G prosecutor AK Singh has been removed from the case.
    CNN-IBN has accessed the audio recordings which led to the Preliminary Enquiry naming Chandra and the 2G prosecutor. The CBI Director says he has informed the Chief Justice of India (Supreme Court), the Central Vigilance Commissioner and the Law Ministry on the revelations.
    In terms of scale and profile the 2G case is as big as it can get. It is monitored by the Supreme Court and the then telecom minister A Raja spent 15 months in jail while DMK MP Kanimozhi was denied bail for seven months. Former Telecom Secretary Siddharth Behuria and top corporate leaders, including Sanjay Chandra of Unitech, were even denied bail for months.
    In the 2G case the main accused A Raja, Unitech MD Sanjay Chandra and 12 others including Kanimozhi have been examined by the prosecution. Cross-examination of the accused and witnesses is now on. A verdict is expected by the end of the year.
    Now comes the shocking development that, if proven, could change the course of the 2G case. CNN-IBN has accessed a Preliminary Enquiry registered by the CBI which states AK Singh who represented CBI in the 2G case has allegedly colluded with the accused Sanjay Chandra, MD OF Unitech. The CBI Preliminary Enquiry says AK Singh shared the strategy of the CBI prosecution and even advised the accused Sanjay Chandra how to defend himself in the case.
    The CBI has now confirmed to CNN-IBN that AK Singh has been removed as the agency's prosecutor in the sensitive case.
    Sources have told CNN-IBN the CBI has in its possession an audio recording which contains a conversation which the agency believes has taken place between its prosecutor AK Singh and Sanjay Chandra and a third person. CNN-IBN has accessed the recording where three people are being heard discussing the legal strategy and the way forward.
    In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN CBI Director Ranjit Sinha confirmed the agency was using the recording as a basis for the Preliminary Enquiry and further probe, and to conclusively establish the voices belong to Unitech's Sanjay Chandra and CBI prosecutor AK Singh.
    Sources say going by the conversation being probed by the CBI, it appears the prosecutor was helping the accused in one of the most hight profile cases. The CBI has also named Sanjay Chandra in the preliminary enquiry filed on February 6.
    CBI Director Ranjit Sinha told CNN-IBN they have taken this very seriously and has informed the Supreme Court, Central Vigilance Commissioner, Law Ministry and the Department of Personal and Training.
    Sources confirmed the audio recording with the CBI was at least 17 minutes in duration.
    The Preliminary Enquiry says prima facie the information reveals gross misconduct on the part of CBI prosecutor AK Singh and accused Sanjay Chandra.
    Sanjay Chandra along with former telecom minister A Raja and 12 others have been charged with conspiracy, forgery and cheating in the 2G case. Raja is accused of tinkering with procedure and policy to help Unitech and other companies to get the 2G licences. They are also charged with benefiting Unitech to make windfall gains by selling stakes at a premium to Telenor. The trial is currently in the court of OP Saini in Delhi's Patiala House.
    The Preliminary Enquiry now raises massive questions over the nexus between the prosecutor and the accused and also raises fresh doubts on what else could have been shared and who else could have been been involved since the CBI began its probe and prosecution of the accused.
    Below are the transcripts and audio clips. CNN-IBN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the conversation on the audio tape.
    In the taped conversation in possession of CNN-IBN a voice which the CBI suspects is that of its 2G chief prosecutor AK Singh is heard advising how to muddle up the proceedings. The CBI also believes the second voice in the audio is that of Unitech MD Sanjay Chandra.

    For audio visit the site
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    And to think that I lost my job last year due to 2G scam! Can anybody help me kill them?


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