2G Draft Report exonerating PM-FM passed

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    The Draft Report states that Mr A Raja `mislead the Prime Minister` - in effect Mr A Raja is the sole fall guy in 2G scam, Ms Kanimozhi having re-entered RS recently from Tamil Nadu. NCP toned down its demand to question A Raja - who knows what he might reveal ! JD(U) assisted in passing the sham by abstaining - 16 members for and 11 against voted the Report. 11 against include - BJP (6), BJD (1), TMC (1), CPI (1), CPI-M (1), DMK (1) and AIADMK (1). The JPC has 30 members from LS and 10 from RS.

    Shame on Congress, NCP and the new entrant to the Congress club JD(U) - all hand in glove to bury 2G scam.

    JPC adopts 2G case report, 16 members in favour, 11 against

    New Delhi: The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Friday adopted its controversial draft report on the 2G spectrum allocation case which gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Sixteen members voted in favour of the report and 11 against the report, said JPC Chairman PC Chacko. The Janata Dal United members abstained from voting on the report. Sources said the report had alleged that A Raja misled the Prime Minister.

    The NCP had scaled down its demand for calling A Raja as a witness. The UPA ally has said it did not wish to make calling Raja as a witness an issue. "It is the opinion of the party. We have registered our opinion to the JPC. But we do not wish to make it into an issue. We have told the committee our stand," the sole NCP member in the panel YP Trivedi said. The Congress hoped that the Bahujan Samaj Party with two members and the Samajwadi Party with one member will side with UPA. But the two parties have not yet made their stand clear. The Opposition was likely to press for a vote for the adoption of the report. If the JD(U) members remain absent, then UPA with 11 members and three from BSP and SP would muster 14 votes in the 30-member panel which will in that case have an effective strength of 28. The Opposition had recently slammed the government for nominating Rajya Sabha member Ashok S Ganguly alleging he would support the UPA in the panel and tilt the balance.

    The opposition camp has BJP (6), BJD (1), TMC (1), CPI (1), CPI-M (1), DMK (1) and AIADMK (1). The JPC has 20 members from Lok Sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha. The panel has not been able to meet for a host of reasons since April when the draft report was circulated to the members. The term of the JPC was recently extended till the end of the Winter Session of Parliament. This was the sixth extension to the JPC set up in March, 2011.
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    On same day that Rahul Gandhi gained sudden conscience of nonsense.
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    both dmk and aidmk voted against congress.....what does it imply???
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    Nothing dmk just wanted to save their image while aidmk is opposed to dmk and congress
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    It was well expected given the Chairman's attitude of being a loyal Congress 'soldier'.

    Who is interested in truth?

    What was the Ordinance to allow crooks to continue all about?

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