26/11 accused Lakhvi enjoys VVIP treatment in Pak jail

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    NEW DELHI: It's not only the Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) top boss Hafiz Saeed who roams freely in Pakistan, but even his next-in-command Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, imprisoned at Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail for his role in the 26/11 attacks, also moves out of the prison from time to time to visit his family and friends. Lakhvi, who is treated as a VVIP within the confines of the high-security prison, enjoys these outings under a thick security cover facilitated by the jail authorities, sources in the Indian security establishment have told TOI.

    Lakhvi, who was the prime motivator of the 26/11 attack module, monitoring the carnage from the LeT control room in Karachi and giving blow-by-blow instructions to the terrorists, is using as many as five different cellphones inside the jail to communicate with LeT commanders and cadres. According to intelligence sources, he freely makes calls to keep tab on the outfit's operations and gives pep-talks to his terror associates.

    According to a senior official of the security establishment, Lakhvi's detention in Adiala Jail is even better than a house arrest. While a person under house arrest cannot leave the premises of his detention or receive any visitors unless authorized by the detaining authority, Lakhvi not only has a smooth traffic of visitors — most of them terror commanders seeking his guidance and advice — but is also allowed to use vehicles and security for meeting his family and terror associates outside the jail premises.

    It is suspected that the child that Lakhvi reportedly fathered during his incarceration was thanks to these "outings". Abu Jundal, the 26/11 handler who was deported last year and is on trial here, had told his interrogators here that Lakhvi, during one of their meetings in Adiala Jail, had informed him that the prison authorities had allowed his wife to visit him in prison in 2010 to perform conjugal rights, following which their son was born.

    The secretly-arranged "paroles" notwithstanding, Lakhvi's stay at the jail is no less comfortable. His "cell" in Adiala Jail is really a well-appointed suite with all modern facilities, including a television set. He has access to newspapers and moves within the jail without any restrictions. "He is kept in good humour by the jailors and prison staff, under what the security agencies believe are standing instructions from Pakistani state agencies like the ISI," a senior intelligence officer told TOI.

    In fact, the jail authorities even arranged a birthday celebration for their most-coveted prisoner sometime last year.

    Agencies here believe that Lakhvi was arrested as Pakistan was under pressure from the Western nations to bring the 26/11 masterminds to book. Arresting Saeed, who enjoys the confidence of both the Pakistani Army and the ISI, was not an option. So, a convenient arrangement was worked out to showcase Lakhvi's arrest as Pakistan's commitment to bring 26/11 perpetrators to book, while ensuring that he was not isolated from his family or his 'work' as a terror commander.

    The Indian agencies are worried over the "loose" evidence allegedly submitted by Pakistani agencies in the 26/11 charge sheet filed in the Adiala court. Sources said Pakistani investigators have not bothered to corroborate Lakhvi's stay at the addresses cited in the Indian dossier to link him to the 26/11 conspiracy. "The investigators found that it was not Lakhvi, but another person, who was staying at the said locations. But in reality, Lakhvi may have stayed there under an alias," an official said adding that this may be a ploy by Islamabad to dilute the case against him.

    26/11 accused Lakhvi enjoys VVIP treatment in Pak jail - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site
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    Nothing to be surprised , he was jailed just to show USA we are cracking down on terrorist:thumb::frusty:
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    Any other country would have eliminated such characters. If we can't do that,we don't have any business to complain.

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