2500 years old city

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    In a significant archaeological discovery, remains of an ancient city, believed to be 2,500 years old, have been found at Tarighat, nearly 30 kilometres from here.


    The surface findings at the archaeological site located on the left bank of river Kharun, a tributary of Sheonath river, indicate that the ancient city buried underneath was a highly developed urban settlement and flourished in the third century BC.

    Preliminary explorations have yielded Kushan and Satavahan coins, a stone seal, potteries, beads of semi-precious stones, terracotta and bones. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has granted licence for excavation of the site to the Chhatt-isgarh state archaeological department on the basis of the findings.

    “The ruins indicate that the settlement dates back to third century BC. But, there may be possibility of retrieving settlements dating back as far as sixth century BC when we go further deep”, deputy director of Chhattisgarh archaeological department J.R. Bhagat said.

    According to Atul Pradhan, archaeologist and member of the excavation team, four huge mounds of about 15 feet height from ground level have been found. A portion of one of the mounds located in the east was washed away by a river exposing around 15 layers of soils in different forms indicating existence of structures buried inside.

    In the sixth layer, a patch of burnt clay circled aro-und one of the mounds. This indicates the ancient city might have been completely burnt and later revived. All four mounds are still intact. Impre-ssions of a courtyard and common road inside the city are clearly visible.

    2,500-yr-old city found buried in Chhattisgarh | Deccan Chronicle
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    They would find a huge number of 1st millennium BC urban settlements, if they really go looking for it and are properly funded.
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