25-year old dies using Chinese phone

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    NEW DELHI: If you happen to be a Chinese phone user, here's a shocking piece of news for you. In one of the most bizarre events, a 25-year old man from the Panchmahal district of Gujarat died after being electrocuted by his China-made phone.

    The incident occurred when 25-year-old Dhanji Damor was trying to make a call while his phone was plugged in for charging. The victim was pronounced dead by doctors due to electrocution.

    Already, the low-cost unbranded China-made handsets have seen the Indian government cracking down upon them for failing to comply on the security standards. Last year, the government was mulling to adopt various steps, including strict surveillance of grey market deals and restriction on import of devices without proper code.

    The government had also banned the unbranded Chinese mobiles that do not have IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers. However, they still continue to sell across India's grey mobile markets with the IMEI numbers reportedly fudged.

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    If they are not complying with some of our (admittedly poor) INDIAN security standards.... what does that tell you?

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