2013 World Chess Championship

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    Magnus Carlsen has beaten Vladimir Kramnik in the World Chess Candidates Tournament, and now will be the Vishy's opponent for the FIDE World Title.

    Let's go Vishy!! Beat the Norwegian Justin Bieber!!
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    C'mon. Magnus did not beat Kramnik. It was an 8 player double round robin tournament. Both games between Magnus and Kramnik were drawn. The overall tournament scores of both players was also the same at 8.5/14. Kramnik even lead in the traditional SB tie breaker ratings. But this year the tie breaker rules were changed and used the total number of outright wins rather than the SB system. Carlsen won 5 lost 2 and drew the rest. Kramnik won 4 lost 1 and drew the rest. On account of the one extra win, Carlsen goes through.

    The new system is absolute shit. Kramnik played better chess, defeated higher rating opponents and lost just one game, yet came out second.

    Anyway, congratz to Carlsen, a 45 year old Vishy is unlikely to last Carlsen's stupid 100 move marathons of drawn endings. We may see a new World Champion and the youngest ever in history.

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