20-year-old girl killed for 'honour' in Kashmir

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    In the first reported case of 'honour killing' in Kashmir, police has arrested a man and his two sisters on the charges of murdering their youngest sibling over her conduct.

    Mushtaq Ahmad Dar and his two sisters - Nasreen and Misra - were arrested after the trio admitted to strangulating their 20-year-old sister Zubaida to death in the fields at Shoolipora in Budgam district on August 24, a police spokesman said.

    "During investigations, Dar, the brother of the deceased, disclosed that he and his two sisters were not satisfied with the behaviour of Zubaida and were facing a lot of humiliation in the society by her deeds," the spokesman said.

    Dar and his sisters hatched a conspiracy to kill her and took Zubaida to the fields. They later strangulated her to death with her scarf, he said.

    The spokesman said police is also probing other aspects which include grabbing of money belonging to the deceased.

    20-year-old girl killed for 'honour' in Kashmir - Indian Express
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    Punjabis and most Indians in general are highly becoming susceptible to heart attacks.

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