20 veterans committed suicide every day in 2014 – study

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    An average of 20 American veterans committed suicide daily in 2014, the US Department of Veterans Affairs revealed in its “most comprehensive” study of vet suicide rates yet.
    The new analysis consists of 55 million veterans records nationwide dating back to 1979 up until 2014. The investigation into the mental health history of veterans revealed that in 2014, there were 7,403 suicides among veterans. That accounted for 18 percent of all adult suicides that year in the US, a total of 41,425.

    The last time the VA conducted a study like this was in 2010, but that report included data from only 20 states. Based on its data, VA estimated daily suicide rates as averaging 22 per day. But while the 2014 data shows a decline in the rate, Under Secretary for Health Dr. David J. Shulkin believes that the US is capable of eliminating the suicide threat.

    “One Veteran suicide is one too many, and this collaborative effort provides both updated and comprehensive data that allows us to make better-informed decisions on how to prevent this national tragedy,”said Shulkin in a press release on Thursday. “We as a nation must focus on bringing the number of Veteran suicides to zero.”


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