1942 - Nehru's letter to China

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    Please click on the link to see full article and image of the original letter -

    -India Speaks To China - LIFE - March 1, 1943

    To the Chinese people I repeat that we shall keep faith with them whatever happens. We shall do so not only because China's freedom is very precious to us but also because with it is intertwined the freedom of India. With China unfree our own freedom will be endangered and worth little purchase. Whatever we do now, constrained by circumstances, is aimed at the achievement [of] India's independence so that we may fight with all our strength and will against the aggressor in India and China. Free India can do so effectively, not so subject India with all her great strength chained up. So in this time of danger and peril we renew our faith in China. We believe that this great war is a mighty revolution which will only succeed on the basis of freedom for all peoples. Without Indian freedom now, it will fail of its purpose and lead us all into blind and dangerous alleys. This is the reason why India's freedom becomes an urgent and immediate necessity and cannot be postponed to the hereafter. The very peril that surrounds us calls for it.
    To the people of China and their great leaders, Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-shek, I send greeting and pay homage to the heroism which has shown like a bright star during their past five years of war and infinite suffering.

    Bombay, August 8, 1942 Jawaharlal Nehru

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