17 years old dying boy to donate organs

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    cir's not here for long time, I do his job for free.
    his family has spent all the money for treating his cancer, he hope to donate himself after dead(cancer's organ can not be donated).
    In China, copy cancer medicine is prohibitted while India are free to do.
    so familes have to spend all their money for expesive import cancer medicine if they are not lucky to get cancer.
    what's the hell China. you are biggest copycat,you copy weapon, bikini, why don't copy medicine, and India is most honesty country, even they copying.
    sorry if I make DFI foumer sick but posting this, RIP boy.
    hopefully you will not reborn in China, born in India next world, tell them India China bhai bhai and let India destroy CCP, so that you will have cheaper medicine and even Chinese will have good PMI then you are free from cancer because Indian are environmentalists.
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