16 achievements, which lost Libya

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    [h=3]16 achievements, which lost Libya[/h]
    M uammar Gaddafi Libya has turned itself from an impoverished country in the world in the most prosperous country in Africa, even more prosperous than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Learn about this pishetv blogger Dmitry Belyaev , with reference to the article mathaba.net.

    "A multi-party democracy - it is a fiction promoted by governments, who believe their own people for the asses, and deny them a real power. We have seen the world, shaken by a multiparty system. What do we need an alternative to power itself when the power is in the hands of the people?
    world is fed up with parties and elections. Even Western intellectuals disgusted with the party system and electoral farce. They acknowledge the fact that everything that happens is not democracy but falsification. The world is, after all, the embrace of popular power, sweeping away everything in its path the old system.We will never give up the State of the Nation. return to power of individuals will not happen "- Muammar al-Gaddafi, 2007.Below are the 16 achievements Gaddafi, introduced in Libya during his tenure that the Libyan people will never see again, as long as Western "democratic" puppet regime installed in his country.

    1. In Libya, there were no electric bills, it was free for all residents.

    2. There was no interest on loans. Banks were government owned and the percentage of the loan equal to zero by the law.

    3. Having a home was considered one of human rights in Libya.

    4. All the couple received $ 50000 (60000 dinars) for the acquisition of the first housing from the government, in order to support young families.

    5. Education and medicine were free. Prior to Muammar Gaddafi, only 25% of the population was educated. Today the figure is 83%.

    6. If the Libyans wanted to farm, they received agricultural land, farm equipment, seeds and livestock - all for free.

    7. If the Libyans could not find the right education or health facilities in the country, their government funded training / treatment abroad. But that's not all, they received $ 2,300 per month housing allowance and a car.

    8. If the Libyan bought the car, the state subsidized 50% of its value.

    9. Price of gasoline in Libya amounted to $ 0.14 per liter.

    10. In Libya, there was no external debt, and frozen at present reserves were 150 billion dollars.

    11. If the Libyan could not find a job after graduating from university, the state pays him an average salary in the profession, yet it does not take a job.

    12. The share of each sale of Libyan oil credited directly into bank accounts of Libyan citizens.

    13. For the birth of each child's mother received $ 5,000.

    14. Food is also subsidized by the government: 40 loaves of bread cost $ 0.15.

    15. 25% of Libyans - university graduates.

    16. Muammar Gaddafi is the largest irrigation project, known as the Great River project Manmadme, to make fresh water available throughout the desert country.
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    Libyans themselves did it...it doesn't matter if they were aided or not.

    If they lose all benefits and get swindled off by the west then they deserve it.
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    Libyans knew at what cost they earned their liberty from dictatorship.
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    correct they should blame themselves if the so called democratic state loots them now :)
    by the way those who come in power by force they will rule by force so expect further bloodshed

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