109 Sikorsky T-70 to Turkey for $3.5 billion

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    Turkey, Sikorsky to sign long-delayed helicopter contract

    Turkey is set to sign a $3.5 billion contract with US aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky after a three-year delay since the beginning of negotiations.'

    The Sikorsky T-70 helicopters, a derivative of the Black Hawk, will be designed specific to Turkey's needs in the 10-ton category with the capacity to carry 18 staff. They will be produced according to a 10-year plan and used for multiple purposes, from defense to firefighting.

    While there is still speculation that Turkey's selection of Chinese missiles may be an indication that Turkey is moving away from the US, Turkey will be signing this agreement for multi-purpose US helicopters within the next 30 days

    “The helicopters are set to be delivered in 2018,” said Samir Mehta, senior representative of Sikorsky military systems.

    Under the agreement, Turkey and Sikorsky will produce 109 choppers which will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. The helicopters will be used for combat, research and rescue purposes. More helicopters will be produced upon demand for civilian use.

    In 2010 Sikorsky and Turkey agreed to begin negotiations on the choppers, yet have faced problems in the three years since the agreement.

    According to the contract to be signed, ASELSAN, a Turkish defense giant producing electronics and weapons systems, would play a significant role in producing the cockpit of the helicopter. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) would also produce critical parts and the helicopter fuselage. Along with TAI and ASELSAN, many other local companies would also support the production.

    Turkey, Sikorsky to sign long-delayed helicopter contract - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news

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