10 Million Years old fossil found in Himachal Pradesh

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    10 mn years old fossils found in Himachal

    10 mn years old fossils found in Himachal

    2009-06-11 20:09:11
    Last Updated: 2009-06-11 20:10:21

    Shimla: Geologists have recovered nearly 10 million-year-old eggshell fossils of an ostrich-like bird in Himachal Pradesh, a scientific journal said on Thursday.

    According to Indian Science Journal Current Science (ISJCS), researchers Ashok Sahni and Rajiv Patnaik of Chandigarh's Panjab University recovered 45 egg shell fragments from Haritalyangar area near Dharamsala in Kangra district.

    The ISJCS said that these fragments bore similarity in thickness, colour and morphology.

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