10 lies that Congress tells to dupe Indian Muslims

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    10 lies that Congress tells to dupe Indian Muslims

    The title literally means, ‘Wear a cap and go around fooling people’. In short, this is the unwritten policy that has been followed by Congress in India when it comes to Muslims. ‘Topi’ means ‘cap’ and topi on the street also means deceiving or fooling people. From the track record of how Muslims of India have been fooled since 1947 by self-proclaimed ‘secular’ leaders, it is an understatement to say that Muslims have been thoroughly fooled.

    Let me list out the top 10 reasons for why I say Congress has fooled Muslims throughout the history of independent India. The only thing you need to know, if you are unfamiliar with Indian vote-bank politics, is that Muslims have traditionally voted en-bloc for Congress, for decades. So they wouldn’t be wrong in expecting better treatment from Congress in return.

    Topi number 1: Congress gives leadership opportunity to Muslims:

    Reality: Since India’s gaining independence in 1947, Congress has had 16 presidents. But unfortunately, for the most trusted vote-bank that has voted for Congress ever since the first independent India’s election, not ONE Muslim was made the party’s president. Compare this with Jawaharlal Nehru – 4 years, Indira Gandhi – 6 years, Rajiv Gandhi – 7 years and Sonia Gandhi – 15 years. That is 32 out of 65 years, with one family only!

    You can go through the full list here. Yes, that’s the first major Topi to Muslims by Congress. It’s hard to believe that in 65 years, not one Muslim was found “good enough” to become the grand old party’s president even for one year.

    And, let’s not even get into why Congress denied Abdul Kalam a second term as President. He was by far the most popular President India ever had!

    Topi number 2: Congress stands for women’s rights

    Reality: Heard of Shah Bano? That 62-year-old Muslim woman, daughter of a police constable from Madhya Pradesh, and a mother of five, who won an alimony case in the Supreme Court after her husband divorced her in 1978. But under pressure from hardline Islamic males, Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress Government misused its absolute majority in the Parliament, to pass the Muslim Women Act of 1986. Looking back, it seems like this act was specifically to dilute the Supreme Court judgment. As a result, Muslim women in India, even the utterly destitute ones, lost the right to alimony from their former husbands.

    Topi number 3: Congress strives for education of Muslims

    Reality: Muslims have fallen behind Hindus, Christians and everyone else in literacy rates. Per 2001 Census, literacy rate among the Christian women was 76.2 per cent, Hindu women 53.2 per cent and Muslim women was 50.1 per cent. Per the same 2001 census, 18.6 per cent of the Jain females in India were graduates or above. Among other religions the percentages are – Christian 8.6 per cent, Sikhs 7 per cent, Hindus 5.6 per cent, but Muslims a mere 2.4 per cent. Only a small section of women of India is presented here, but the situation is bad all around for Muslims. They are the last among all major groups when it comes to primary and college education. Vote bank politics of the so-called secular Governments has ruined their educational aspirations.

    Topi number 4: Congress fights for Muslim rights

    Reality: Forget all the hype about Sachar committee, Haj subsidy, glittering Iftar parties and reservation eyewash. The reality is that Muslims are among the poorest in India today. It’s even harder to accept this considering that Muslims ruled many kingdoms in India for centuries. It was impossible for Muslims who left for Pakistan (east and west) to carry with them all the wealth that was generated during the long centuries of Muslim rule. So why are these erstwhile rulers now pathetically poor, even keeping aside neo-conversions? It’s because of the wrong policies of the Government and poor leadership among the community. Too much importance was given to religion and rituals, while other religious groups of India moved ahead quickly. The fact is that when the Muslim female graduation level is less than half of that of Hindu women and one third that of Christian women, it is obvious that their employment situation would be similarly poor. This statement by one south Indian politician last year summed it up well.

    Muslims need to understand that reservation and other special treatment can only go so far. The real wealth generation opportunity in 21st century is in the private sector which needs education. Yes, the secular and scientific type of education that can be practically applied in big companies, businesses and factories. The world has changed a lot since the Mughal era!

    Topi number 5: Congress protects Muslims

    Reality: Muslims have been brainwashed by Congress and its media associates with propaganda that the 2002 post-Godhra riots were the worst in Indian history. Inflated numbers of dead bodies have been repeatedly flashed on TV channels or newspaper editorials. But the reality is that the ‘worst ever’ anti-Muslim riot was NOT post-Godhra.

    Also read about the ‘Communal lies and secular statistics‘ to understand how the reality is different.

    Worse, if you scrutinise all the major communal riots, particularly the ones with major Muslim death tolls like Bhagalpur 1989, Ahmedabad 1969, Moradabad 1980 or Nellie 1983, you will certainly find that Congress has failed to protect Muslims.

    Topi number 6: Congress fought for Muslims on Babri Masjid case

    Reality: It is easy to blame Karsevaks, VHP, BJP, Advani etcetra, but you need to ask three basic questions about those governing India during the key events:

    1) Which party’s PM was in power in December 1949 when the Ram Lalla idol were placed inside Babri complex?

    2) Which party’s PM was in power in 1985 when the locks on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid complex in Ayodhya was opened for Hindu pooja?

    3) Which party’s PM was in power when in December 1992, the controversial building came down?

    For most people, the answer will be obvious. Also the point of how Congress repeatedly fooled Muslims about “fighting” for Babri Masjid will be crystal clear.

    And now a fourth question on the same topic, but unrelated to Ayodhya.

    Which party’s PM and which party’s coalition chief is in power now in 2013, when the Supreme Court is asking for details from a Congress MP for illegally demolishing a 400 year old Qalandari Masjid in Rajasthan?

    Topi number 7: Congress safeguards Muslim properties

    Reality: There have been massive Wakf scams in many States. In just one State Karnataka, it was reported that nearly Rs 2 lakh crore worth of Wakf property was inappropriately used, leased or sold. But how has Congress dealt with those accused in Wakf scam? Accused Rahman Khan became a union minister and Accused Qamar-ul Islam is now a minister in Karnataka, that too to manage Wakf department!

    Isn’t the ‘other’ topi part quite obvious by now?

    Topi number 8: Congress is secular – works for the upliftment of all citizens

    Reality: Slogans and speeches are just for the sake of emotional bonding. The reality is different. Decades of vote-bank politics has kept Muslims in a ghetto kind of situation in most States. They are left out of the mainstream in most cases. You visit a big multinational company in Hyderabad, an IT park in Bengaluru, an R&D unit in Pune, an airline company in Delhi, a media company in Kolkata, or a big bank in Mumbai. Check out the relative share of Muslims in top positions. I am sure you will be disappointed. If Congress had really worked on an ‘inclusive’ model for 65 years, do you think this disparity would have existed? Have you ever wondered why Jains, Sikhs, Christians or Buddhists don’t get their exclusive religious universities, but Muslims get promises from Congress for five Muslim (50 per cent or more reservation) universities (a promise that might not stand in courts)? Are Muslims so different a species that they can’t compete in regular universities of India? How will the Muslim students then compete in a very competitive job market? Things for young Muslims to think about. The solution lies in global competition as equals, and not falling behind into ghettos in the form of exclusive universities.

    Topi number 9: Congress takes Muslims into confidence

    Reality: Look at Afzal Guru’s execution for instance: He should have been executed after the court verdict, but why secretly? Obviously, Congress had no confidence in either its ability to manage the law & order situation, or in Muslims. Otherwise an Indian citizen would not have been hanged in secrecy like in Afzal’s case.

    Topi number 10: Saffron terror nonsense

    Reality: Just because many Muslims have been caught in terror incidents in India, this was a myth floated by Congress, specifically to fool Muslims. The aim was to divide the terrorism issue on communal lines, and also to appease a tiny minority of violent-minded people among the minority community that they are not alone.

    It helped neither Muslims, nor India. The reality is that terrorism kills the nation, not just some people. Whoever is guilty should be punished instead of bringing in ‘other’ religions to create communal divide or misplaced communal sympathy. This topic is one of the most discussed on this website.

    So in summary…

    Congress has employed emotional blackmail all along to give a sense of false security to Muslims. Their mechanism of blindly demonising RSS or BJP has little utility in the 21st century when millions of people are carefully observing things in real time.

    » While the Congress ‘fights’ for one Ishrat Jahan, people observe that there are hundreds of fake encounters each decade in India. National Human Rights Commission told the Supreme Court last year that there were 191 fake encounters between 2007 and 2012 (under Congress Central rule of course). Many of them might be Muslims. Who can forget the cold-blooded manner in which six Muslim youths were gunned down by Dhule police, an incident that shocked even the Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan?

    » While the Congress harps on one unfortunate 2002 riot, people will count the number of gigantic riots under its watch since 1947.

    » While the Congress ‘fights’ for one Babri, informed people will count how many Dargahs or Masjids got desecrated or destroyed under Congress governance since 1947.

    » While the Congress harps on one Togadia, people will count how many alliances it has with the guys damaging Muslim-Hindu unity, like Akbaruddin Owaisi.

    Educated Muslims need to introspect. Enough of this symbolic Topi business. Where are the jobs? Where is security? Where is the equal footing with Hindu, Sikh or Christian middle class? At the end of the day, money, education, rights, security and respect matter. Do you have them after voting for Congress for 62 years since 1951? Only you can answer these questions, Muslim ladies and gentlemen
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    Forget It....Trace my IP if you can
    No use. They would keep voting Congress & SP.
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    Literally meaning "Topi Pahana Dee"...

    Means "have been made fool.."

    Ha Ha Ha...... Muslim experts are by millions in India latest being Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.....

    Wo bhi Topi Pahana Raha Hai..

    Remember Na Mo refused to "Pahano the Topi.."..

    Ha Ha Ha....
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    The point is Congress doesn't care for any community neither Muslims nor Hindus nor anyone, it is only interested in winning the elections and ruling tyrannically. Otoh Muslims are not interested in their own development as they want parallel and separate systems for them which can not be done without damaging the secular fabric.
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    Forget It....Trace my IP if you can
    You have summed it up pretty well. Uniform Civil Code is the need of the hour if we are to preserve our national integrity & guarantee the continuance of our republic.
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