1 Million Brutus Travel to Mumbai for Bollywood

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    The number of people travelling between Britain
    and India is soaring – thanks to the Bollywood
    film industry, says airline Virgin Atlantic. Passenger numbers have jumped because many
    tourists are now travelling to India to see the
    industry first hand and more and more
    Bollywood films are now being shot in the UK. So great is demand that Virgin Atlantic has just
    announced new daily flights between London
    and Mumbai. In fact, over 1 million Brits flew to Mumbai in
    2011 and IATA predicts that this figure will rise
    by 6% each year until 2015. Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman Anna Catchpole
    commented: “Mumbai is the centre of the
    Bollywood industry, and we expect it to become
    just as popular as any of the big sets in
    Hollywood.” The increasing popularity of flights for
    Bollywood film buffs has been accelerated by
    the number of Indian film production crews
    coming to the UK to shoot films here. Oxford,
    Edinburgh, Carlisle, Cardiff and London have all
    been used as locations for recent Bollywood blockbusters and Bollywood film buffs will be
    eagerly anticipating romantic drama Jab Tak Hai Jaan, out at the end of this month. Although mainly filmed in Mumbai, the team
    spent 35 days filming in London at locations
    including Borough Market, Jubilee Walk, Trafalgar
    Square, Palace of Westminster and the O2. It follows a huge marketing campaign by UK
    tourist body VisitBritain to lure more Indian film
    companies to these shores. Appearing in a Bollywood blockbuster can be
    worth tens of millions of pounds to the UK
    economy, boosting tourism and trade as well as
    the money spent on the film’s production. Virgin
    Atlantic’s new daily flight to Mumbai began on
    October 28th and more than 30,000 tickets have been booked already. The airline expects to carry over 140,000
    passengers per year to the city from London and
    through connections from the US. The airline
    already flies daily to Delhi . The Bollywood film industry produces over 2,000
    films every year, making it one of the largest
    production centres in the world. Successful films can count their audiences in
    billions with an increasing proportion of viewers
    living outside India, including Britain. Virgin Atlantic’s Anna Catchpole said: “There’s no
    greater pleasure for Bollywood film fans than to
    travel to the exact location in Mumbai where
    some of their favourite films were shot. “It’s the equivalent of going to Hollywood to see
    the great Warner Brothers or Universal studio
    sets. Many companies in Mumbai now offer
    Bollywood studio tours. “Travelling there is especially appealing for
    second and third generation young Indian people
    since, often, the only impressions they have of
    India are the images they have see in the
    Bollywood movie industry. “Our London to Mumbai flights will also be
    popular with Bollywood fans in the US, since they
    link directly with our other flights from all over

    Bollywood films boost flights to India (From Asian Image)
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    WTF! Brutus ?????

    Poor pommies :sad:
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    Et tu, Brute?

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