LCA Tejas to be part of ‘Iron Fist’ Exercise – 2013

Jan 2, 2013 11:26 am 7 comments

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LCA Tejas, the much-awaited indigenously developed light weight multi-role combat aircraft, will now be put to test in the forthcoming air exercise “Iron Fist”, to be held in February in Pokhran of Jaisalmer.

The LCA Tejas will display its capabilities in the exercise, where its lethality, endurance and precision will be tested, Air Marshal Anjan Kumar Gogoi, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, South-Western Air command, said at a press conference here.LCA Tejas

If the supersonic fighter is found performing successfully on every parameter in this exercise, its first squadron will be deployed by Indian Air Force (IAF) in Bangalore, he said.

This will be the first demonstration of strength by LCA Tejas after it recently completed weapon trials in preparation for its operational clearance and now planned to be finally cleared for operational service after this exercise.

LCA Tejas first achieved its initial operational clearance (IOC) in January 2011. LCA Tejas has completed 1963 flight tests successfully as of Dec 21, 2012. LCA Tejas is expected to make its final operational clearance (FOC) in 2013.



  • sounds good! But we must speed up. DRDO also should quickly take the task for stealth fighter. As you have come up to this level of development, I believe future development will be much easier…thanks for your hard work!

  • well , even after 3 decades lca tejas still on trial , thatz not good , iaf have to increase its power asap.

    • Tejas is a hopeless project for India.. engine development program failed …. It’s features are not up to mark …. be it service ceiling or maximum speed or maximum range… Only hope is Tejas 2 with better imported engine…

      • I have to agree with Avinash. Tejas costs around 31 million and Mig 29 KUB costs around 32 million. It will be a nobrainer to choose MIG 29 KUB. I appreciate the effort put in by ADA to develop Tejas, but I would also like to bring to notice that LCA Tejas cannot be matched even with F16, which first flew in 1976. The only countries that are capable of developing good jets are USA and Russia, even though China is copying them, they are improving technologically. ADA and DRDO should spread their wings and take some serious projects to make Indian Defense Better.

        • Sharath Ponugoti

          hi prasad and avinash

          I want to clarify some thing
          the (emerging)scientists from India are leaving india for Lockhead martin.. NASA…
          who are products of india trained by best staff

          LCA is best aircraft…. it has more capability then mirage 2000. another deltawing concept
          which will have less radar cross section…
          DRDO is lack of Good manpower who are leaving for money to USA Europe RUSSIA

  • Good….but speed up HAL and DRDO. We are already falling behind on numbers.

  • man now india is going 2 show what is tejas…we r proud of this invention of hal(hindusthan aeronotics limited).but i support anand….

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