What really happened in August 1947

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    Did the secret information to the British about Jinnah's illness prompt them to leave India in 1947 and not 1948 as planned ? Did the British secretly suggest August 15th as the Independence Day as August 15th was the day when the Japanese surrendered to Allied forces ? These and other curious facts.

    What really happened in August 1947

    Why did Mountbatten suddenly declare that the Partition of India would take place with inexplicable haste on August 15, 1947, almost a year ahead of schedule?
    Colonel Anil Athale (retd) explains the likely reasons for the British decision to hastily grant India independence.

    Based on the research conducted by the author and the late Lieutenant General Eric Vas for their book Unmaking of Pakistan: If Bose Had Lived?', published by Strategic Books as an e-book.
  3. Interesting Read . . .!!

    while flipping through the celebrated book 'Freedom at Midnight' I too wondered long and hard why the Brits inexplicably
    decided to Pre-pone the date for Transfer of Power by a good one year especially considering that Law and order situation in
    India was already pretty bad . . .was it because Mountbatten didn't want to be blamed for the bloodshed that was to follow or for the reasons mentioned in the Article above ?

    Dominque Lapierre and Larry Collins have tellingly refrained from speaking much on the issue .

    Well if this was so . . . Abhorringly meanspirited to say the least. . . Divisive tactics of the Basest Kind.

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