Strategic Bombers

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by warriorextreme, Jan 13, 2011.

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    India has leased 4 Tupolev Tu-22M from russia during 2001.
    Does IAF need strategic bombers?
    IF yes then why are we leasing them instead of buying?
    Are their any global restrictions?
  3. Armand2REP

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    India never signed a lease deal much less buying them. IAF only needs bombers that can hit China's East coast, go with aircraft carriers IMO. Much safer than trying to fly over heavily defended Chinese airspace to reach it.
  4. india really needs atleast 2 squadrons of tu-160 blackjack to bring ever inch of china under reach of air ordnance.though it will have a tough time to by-pass surface to air missiles cover over the tibetan region even with su-30mki escort for bombing mission but it can be a great force multiplier of the andaman and nicobar island as it can create havoc in the pla-navy surface ships near the choke points of mallaca straits and the chinese stronghold of south china sea.
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    Instead of long range bombers, we should lay emphasis on long range cruise missiles, they are much more versatile, accurate, and economical if mass produced. The Russian long range bombers were designed with the intent of going to to war with NATO countries, using these planes to bomb Europe and North America. We don't have any such purpose, and our adversaries are close by. These planes are immense fuel guzzlers and require heavy maintenance since they are 30-50 years old (TU22, TU95). Other than that, they are highly vulnerable when flying over hostile territory and always need fighter escorts in case of an offensive mission. And, the Chinese airspace is heavily defended, as compared to our airspace, these planes will become target practice for the thousands of Chinese SAMs sites spread all over. Rather, we should buy 5-6 TU22M3 and convert them to carry a longer range of the Brahmos cruise missile so that it can launch them without entering hostile territory as it has a good range of around 2500 kms.

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