Six new air strips in Arunachal Pradesh to be ready by 2015

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    New Delhi, October 5
    Six new air strips will be ready in Arunchal Pradesh by the end of 2015 to aid rapid military mobilisation.

    The Air Force is setting up radars, air defence sensors and surface to air missiles in the North-East. This will be a long drawn process, but the good news is that the mud-paved British-era advanced landing grounds (ALGs) are being converted into regular concrete paved runaways to handle fixed wing transport planes.

    These six ALGs will be force multipliers of future as special operations planes such as the C-130-J and C-17 will be able to operate from landing ground that dot various folds of the Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh. These planes can carry anything from troops to tanks and have all-weather flying abilities.

    "In the next five years, the northeast will be sufficiently capable," Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshall Arup Raha told the media yesterday. Six of the ALGs in the North-East will be ready by the end of 2015, he said, adding: "These are being expanded. We can run fixed wing operations and will aid in mobilisation," the IAF Chief said. The project of the six ALG's is expected to cost Rs 1,723 crore and is running four years behind schedule. It was originally conceived in 2008 as part of the Prime Minister special package for the North-East.

    The scope of work includes expanding the length with regular landing surface allowing more types of planes to land. The existing mud-paved ALGs are too small in length and allow only very small aircraft to land and have a non-existent ground support. These are rendered unusable during rains.

    The project will cover ALGs at Tuting, Mechuka, Pasighat, Along, Walong, Ziro and Tawang (helipad).

    The IAF has based its Sukhoi30- MKI, the frontline fighter jets, at Tezpur, Chabua and Hasimara - all in the North-East.

    Project to cost Rs 1,723 cr
    The project of six mud-paved British-era advanced landing grounds is expected to cost Rs 1,723 crore
    Special operations planes such as the C-130-J and the C-17 will be able to operate from the new air strips
    The project will cover landing grounds at Tuting, Mechuka, Pasighat, Along, Walong, Ziro and Tawang (helipad)

    The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Nation
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    About time.
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    India should turn the boarder with China into a super fortress with layer after layer of defenses and infrastructure. It usually takes a minimum of 3x the force to attack a defensive position according to conventional military doctrine. Secure borders will ease insecurities and tensions and lead to better China/India relations.
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    Two Upgraded Advanced Landing Grounds Inaugurated in Arunachal Pradesh

    NEW DELHI: In a major fillip to Indian Air Force's operational capability along border with China, two upgraded advanced landing grounds at Ziro and Along in Arunachal Pradesh were today inaugurated.

    "The ALGs will further enhance our existing operational capabilities in Eastern Air Command," Air Marshal C Hari Kumar, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command said.
    He added that the new capacity build-up will enable operations by some of the force's new inductions including the C-130J Super Hercules.

    "Besides enhancing air maintenance capability of the IAF in the region, the new airfield will also facilitate civil air connectivity soon," the Air Marshal said.

    Vayudoot Airlines once operated from Ziro airfield in the mid-eighties. Subsequently, the IAF has always operated a flying detachment from the ALG at Ziro for air maintenance purposes.

    The runway surface at Ziro saw a steady deterioration over a period of time due to lack of maintenance and other issues.

    Encroachment due to absence of a security wall further added to the declining status of the airfield.
    There was, however, always a need to connect the beautiful valley of Ziro with rest of the country by air, for tourism as well as other purposes.
    The IAF took over the Ziro airfield from AAI in August 2010.

    Consequent to the CCS approval in June 2009, the IAF embarked on an ambitious reconstruction plan to upgrade the existing eight ALGs, including infrastructure development at certain airbases in EAC's area of responsibility.

    The ALGs for upgradation include Tuting, Mechuka, Along, Tawang, Ziro, Pasighat, Walong and Vijaynagar in Arunachal Pradesh.

    The outlay plan for the upgradation of ALGs alone is nearly Rs 1,000 crore.
    Besides IAF, which operates all year round, Pawan Hans also operates helicopters from here during non-monsoon periods.

    With the inauguration of the ALGs at Ziro and Along, altogether three ALGs have since got upgraded with paved runway surfaces and other facilities such as aprons for ground manoeuvring, Air Traffic Control tower with associated infrastructure including perimeter road and a security wall.

    Three more ALGs -- Mechuka, Pasighat, Tuting - are scheduled to be inaugurated in the next three months. The ALG project at Tawang, which was taken up only in 2014, is ongoing and is expected to be ready by September this year.

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