Samtel to showcase its expanded range of capabilities at Aero India

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    January 22, 2013: Samtel Avionics & Defence Systems (SA) – India’s first complete avionics firm in private domain, along with its joint venture companies – Samtel HAL Display Systems (SHDS) and Samtel Thales Avionics (STAL) will be showcasing its wide array of avionics products and expanded range of capabilities at Aero India 2013 – Asia’s Premier Air Show being held at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru from February 6-10, 2013. A key attraction at the booth of Samtel and its JV companies (Booth# E2.4) will be first-time-in-India live demos of TopOwl Helmet Mounted Sight Display for helicopters, demo of Head Up Display (HUD) system and live demo of Optronics at the Thales-STAL booth (Booth# B1.3).

    Puneet Kaura, Executive Director, Samtel Avionics & Defence Systems said, “We are moving ahead on our commitment to emerge as India’s first complete avionics firm in private domain. As the focus of the defence and aerospace companies across the world shifts to India and its indigenous capabilities, Samtel is gearing up fast to enhance its competencies and gamut of products to meet their requirement. We are glad that Samtel is at a stage that it can offer a repertoire of state-of-the-art avionics displays and advanced systems to meet the customized requirements of the worldwide aerospace industry.”

    The following product range will be put on display at Samtel’s booth E2.4 at Hall E:

    1) Live Demo of TopOwl Helmet Mounted Sight and Display by Samtel Thales Avionics: The TopOwl Helmet Mounted Sight & Display for helicopter piloting/targeting will be available for a live demo. TopOwl is combat proven and is already equipped on 6 major helicopter platforms across 16 countries.

    2) Live Demo of Optronics capabilities at STAL area within the Thales booth# B1.3 in Hall B: While the live demo of the Optronics product will be at the Samtel-Thales JV booth at Thales, a demo film showcasing its capabilities will be run at the STAL booth within the Samtel stall.

    3) Demo of Head Up Display (HUD): For the first time at any air show, the indigenously developed Head Up Display will be exhibited at the Samtel booth.

    4) Multifunction Displays and Smart MFDs: With the productionisation of Color MFDs for Su-30 MKI Block-III & Block-IV production aircraft at Samtel’s DGAQA qualified manufacturing facilities, the Samtel HAL JV has achieved the unique distinction of being the first public-private partnership in defence avionics space in India to have a primary cockpit display qualified and productionised for induction on a fighter aircraft. Samtel booth will have the 5”x5” MFDs and its variants on display along with 6”x6” MFDs. Also showcased will be the next-generation large-size Smart MFDs in sizes 9”x12” and 6”x8” for future star platforms.

    5) Multifunction Indicators – 3ATI & 4ATI: The 3ATI and 4ATI Display Unit features a high-resolution AMLCD and ARINC 429 and discrete interface. The unit is designed to replace existing electromechanical instruments, allowing a single part no. to display Attitude, Airspeed, and Altitude. The 3ATI & 4ATI Display Unit consumes little power, is low in weight and high in reliability. The unit is designed for commercial or military installations and an NVIS compatible version is available. The 3ATI & 4ATI Display Unit is ideal for new build or retrofit applications.

    6) Rugged Displays: To cater to the vast and growing requirement for indigenous rugged displays for land, naval and airborne requirements for our defence forces, Samtel is ready with its vast range of Rugged Displays. RSD series of ruggedised AMLCD displays specifically crafted to cope with adverse and demanding environmental conditions at the same time maintaining extremely high levels of performance. Following sizes of Rugged displays are being showcased: 20.1” Airborne and 20.1” Ground/landbased applications, 19.0”, 17.3”, 17.0”, 15.0”, 10.4” with Bezel keys and 10.4” with Touchscreen.

    7) EL (Electro Luminescent Displays) - Cockpit Panel Flood Light (CPFL) and Integrally Lit Cockpit Panel (ILCP) are also being showcased at the booth. The purpose of the cockpit panel flood lights (CPFL) is to provide the aircraft pilot the visibility of the various legends on cockpit instruments, LH & RH consoles in the cockpit while flying at night, while the integrally lit cockpit panel (ILCP) helps the various legends and symbols on instrumentation and control panels on the cockpit consoles to be visible to the pilot with flying at night.

    Samtel to showcase its expanded range of capabilities at Aero India - SP's Aviation

    Well what about Rafale's HMD system Huh??? i hope they must be having something about it in their minds
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    Re: Samtel to showcase its expanded range of capabilities at Aero Indi

    Does anyone knows if Samtel has applied to a recent tender floated by ADA to localize more avionics components of LCA?
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    Re: Samtel to showcase its expanded range of capabilities at Aero Indi

    samtel makes only display related systems as i know!!!
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    Re: Samtel to showcase its expanded range of capabilities at Aero Indi

    we need bigger private companies to invest in our aerospace like tata.mahindra,l&t.

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