Saab strengthens ties with Brazilian Aerospace Industry

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    Brazilian suppliers to become a member of GE’s global supply chain

    Saab’s technology transfer plan regarding Gripen NG for the Brazilian F-X2 fighter jet competition has been further strengthened by its partner GE Aviation signing MOU´s with several Brazilian aerospace companies. The MOU’s enable Brazilian suppliers to become a member of GE’s global supply chain and strengthens the in-country component of Saab’s Gripen NG proposal to the Brazilian Air Force.

    The MOUs with Grauna Aerospace S.A., Increase Aviation Service Ltda., TAP Maintenance and Engineering, Avio do Brasil and AKAER provide local expertise in different areas of aircraft maintenance, manufacturing and engineering.


    Saab’s proposal for Gripen NG in Brazil includes a Technology Transfer plan to equip Brazilian industry with the necessary capabilities (skills & knowledge) to perform development, production and maintenance of the Gripen NG.

    The Transfer of Technology will be performed through hands-on development work and put into practice through the development, manufacturing, operation and future upgrade phases of the Gripen NG in Brazil. A strategic alliance with Brazilian industry where Brazil will become an equal partner in the development work of Gripen NG.

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    It seems, Saab is desperate to find a new customer to provide more funds for future Gripen NG project.
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    I yet think the french Rafale will win the FX2 competition at end

    Gripen is made for Sweden needs, a much lesser country than Brazil. Here a Gripen badly would reach half distance of our territory and has to be refueled.

    We are traditional customers of French or American fighters. Politics ties shall weight on final decision.]

    But this decision will get a long time until be made. We are a burocratic and slow country.

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