Rolls-Royce Eyes Business In India

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    NEW DELHI — Rolls-Royce Defense Aerospace is exploring further opportunities in India as it awaits decisions in numerous pending bids in the military engine and civil nuclear arenas.

    “We wish to take advantage of India’s competitive edge [by] extending our relationship with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) and in newer areas of value-added components,” said Anil Shrikhande, president of Rolls-Royce India.

    “Engineering services is another area of expansion,” Shrikhandea added. “India has engineering talent in IT and its skill sets are evolving in engineering services… Labor rates remain attractive… [We will] look at a high labor content.”

    There are 60 Rolls-Royce-designed vessels and more than 300 vessels with its Marine equipment operating in India, plus an additional 39 UT design vessels currently under construction at Indian shipyards. The company also opened a new Marine MRO facility in Mumbai last year.

    Rolls-Royce is competing with Honeywell in a race to re-engine the Indian Air Force’s 125 Jaguar aircraft, with Rolls-Royce offering the Adour Mk 821 and Honeywell proposing the F125IN turbofan engine.

    Rolls-Royce feels its strength is that HAL has been manufacturing the Adour Mk811 for the Jaguar since 1981 and is now producing the Adour 871 for the new Hawk Mk132 advanced jet trainer under a new licence agreement. India ordered 66 Mk132s.

    There is a possible follow-on order for 57 more Hawks, with 40 for the Indian Air Force and 17 for the Indian Navy. The Hawk AJT aircraft powered by the Adour are being used to train the next generation of Indian pilots. The first HAL-produced Hawk aircraft with the HAL-produced Adour engine already has been delivered to the Indian Air Force.

    Last month, Rolls-Royce said it had successfully installed and tested the Adour Mk 821 engine in a Jaguar aircraft to prove its capability and suitability for the Jaguar upgrade requirement. The Mk 821 engine was installed into a Royal Air Force Jaguar for the ground test at Cosford, which was witnessed by a representative of the Indian government. “The installation went smoothly and required no airframe changes. During testing the Adour Mk 821 ran at full reheat and passed all performance targets set down by the Indian Air Force,” Rolls says.

    “As the only engine certified for the Jaguar we were always confident that the Adour MK 821 could be successfully installed without any aircraft modification, even with the new technologies and enhanced performance, but this exercise has allowed us to demonstrate this high level of compatibility to the Indian Air Force,” said Martin Fausset, managing director for Defense Aerospace. India’s Jaguars currently have the Adour Mk 811.

    HAL is producing the Mk 871 for the advanced jet trainer Hawks. Commonality between the Mk 811 and Mk 871 is 90 percent, according to Rolls-Royce. “HAL can avoid costly investments in export control restrictions. Rolls offers the most cost-effective solutions,” Fausset insists. “Our Fadec [full authority digital engine control unit] will require less change with our system as far as cockpit changes, for instance, are concerned.”

    Meanwhile, Honeywell is looking at the Jaguar aircraft with its F125IN turbofan engine. “Improved propulsion and enhanced safety features in the engine can save the [Indian Air Force] more than $1.4 billion in lifecycle costs compared to the other options being considered,” an official said early this year.

    Rolls-Royce Eyes Business In India | AVIATION WEEK
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