Now, 'cyborg dogs' to combat Taliban

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    London, June 28 (ANI): British army chiefs have unveiled their latest weapon, 'cyborg dogs', to do battle in the war against the Taliban.

    According to the Daily Star, scientists described cyborg troops as mechanical mutts, which would be in action within months.

    The so-called Big Dog echoes the 'AT-AT land walkers' from Star Wars films. The 2ft 6in high machines use four legs to carry gear over rough terrain.

    Other prototypes being developed include a four-legged "mule" to carry kit and a robot to transport wounded soldiers from battlefields.

    Early tests show it can identify the direction of incoming bullets, lock on to a target and then return fire. Its blast-proof boxer shorts can also protect British troops.

    Cardiff-based BCB International came up with the "Kevlar kecks" after a rise in groin injuries was reported.

    "I tested them with an air rifle, they match the ballistic standards we need." the paper quoted BCB scientist Matthew Searle," as saying. (ANI)
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    Amazing concepts in development.

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