Kiran Trainer jet to retire in 2014

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    Even with recent induction of Pilatus Basic trainer aircrafts by Indian air force, Pilot training in IAF will continue to suffer since Stage II aircrafts HJT-16 Kiran will be retired in 2014 and its replacement HJT-36 Sitara is still no were in Horizon .

    From 2009 on wards when HPT-32 Basic trainer fleet was grounded by IAF, Kiran Aircraft’s also took the role of Stage-I trainers for training IAF pilots, Inductions of Pilatus Basic trainer aircrafts in IAF has eased the pressure on pilot training but HAL’s inability to sort out problems related with HJT-36 Sitara is matter of concern for IAF, HJT-36 Sitara is suffering from weight issues along with a unreliable engine.

    HAL now claims that IOC for HJT-36 Sitara will be achieved by end of 2013 and BAE developers of Hawk AJT currently been used by IAF for Stage-III training has been pulled in for Project consultation for HJT-36 Sitara .

    IAF have informed MOD that they don’t have contingency plans if HAL fails to deliver HJT-36 Sitara in time and IAF will be forced to use combination of Pilatus Basic trainer and Hawk AJT for Stage II training of its pilots.

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    Served us well..


    I never understood why we go for a new design for HJT-36 ? When we can make a new Kiran as tandam and a composite one with glass cockpit so does new engine ?

    As far as i researched, Kiran can hold the Russian engine used by HJT-36 ..

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