Keralites and Bengalis are Nationalists too

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by Darth Malgus, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Aug 24, 2016
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    Ok, so this has been in my head for a long time, and i just wanted to put this out there. I am not so good in writing but this will have to do. To start with I am a Sanghi from Kerala, Lately i have been seeing comments from mostly Sanghis and Nationalists which are extremely disappointing in nature. From twitter to pdf to any other social networking website all we here is Kerala ,ISIS leftist. The amount of attacks, Keralites get from other other Sanghis is very disheartening, especially for a person who was born and brought up in Kerala. I have several of my friends reading twitter, pdf and several Online forums and lately they have been getting disheartened with this Attitude.

    I know many Muslims, Sanghis, leftists and everyone here who are as loyal to their mother land as anyone else is over here and i assume it is the same in West Bengal as well. Over the period of several months this attitude of mocking Keralites and Kerala almost in every section on the internet is starting to show, at least with my group of friends. Do not create a sense of alienation among the people here, we love the country as much as you do. There were even comments on several forum, especially in pdf and twitter were people wanted to "Fence of" Kerala and West Bengal and start a military operation. Yes...we have a problem with ISIS and radical leftists, but we are trying to deal with it. Several others who support the left here are as Nationalistic as you, they are simply bit ignorant on the real nature of the left..

    AM not talking about criticism, am talking about people treating Kerala and WB as if we are not even part of the country anymore.
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    Don't loose heart brother, though it's not my place to speak for others but I will say this, some of us might badmouth you but not because we hate or disrespect you, it's because we are frustrated with being oppressed in our own country, of being bombed and shot, we want to live free and we want our brothers to live free. What I am going to say now might seem counter-intuitive but the thing is we don't curse you because we don't care, we care so much that we become angry when we think that you are not standing up for yourself.
    whenever Islamic fundamentalism takes root a Kashmir hapens where Kashmiri Pandits are murdered, raped and then driven out of their lands or partitions occurs. Times are tough, we need to be tough too.
    That said, for me personally Indians of Kerala and WB were, are and always will be my countrymen and brothers.
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    Just yesterday for the first time I saw a Bengali nationalist lady on twitter. I celebrated with good strong cup of tea & snacks.

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