1. Kenyan Lawyer Seeks Malia Obama’s Hand for 50 Cows, 70 Sheep and 30 Goats

    A KENYAN lawyer has offered President Barack Obama a herd of 150 cows, sheep and goats for his teenage daughter's hand in marriage.

    Felix Kiprono said his dream is to marry 16-year-old Malia Obama - and he is ready to meet her father to discuss the matter when the president visits Kenya in July.

    He is offering up 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats for the president's eldest daughter to marry him.


    The young lawyer claims money has nothing to do it and his love is real, not an infatuation, and if the president agrees to his request he plans to surprise Malia with a special Kenyan tradition which involves tying a plant around her head and feeding her mursik, a Kalenjin sour milk.

    He said: "I got interested in her in 2008.

    "As a matter of fact, I haven't dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her.

    "I have shared this with my family and they are willing to help me raise the bride price."

    Mr Obama is part Kenyan, part English, African-American and Irish, which means his all-American daughters, Malia and Sasha, 13, also have Kenyan blood.

    The first daughters are often seen with their parents on official outings but have managed to avoid much controversy - apart from in January when Malia was pictured on Instagram wearing a t-shirt with hip hop group Pro Era's logo just days after one of its members was arrested for breaking a security guard's nose.

    Mr Kiprono added: “People might say I am after the family’s money, which is not the case. My love is real."

    The lawyer said he is drafting a letter to Mr Obama to ask Malia to accompany him on his trip to the east African country in two months time and hopes the embassy will pass his letter on after he hands it to the US Ambassador in Kenya who he has "interacted with several times".

    The Kenyan said that should Mr Obama accept his request, his engagement to the "love of his life" will be “unique with a twist”.

    He added: “If my request is granted, I will not resort to the cliche of popping champagne.

    "Instead, I will surprise her with mursik, the traditional Kalenjin sour milk. As an indication that she is my queen, I will tie sinendet, which is a sacred plant, around her head.

    “I will propose to her on a popular hill in Bureti near my father’s land where leaders and warriors are usually crowned."
    "Ours will be a simple life. I will teach Malia how to milk a cow, cook ugali and prepare mursik like any other Kalenjin woman."



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    The funniest thing I read today. It shows you the mentality of these Kenyans.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=wed

    So, looks like this prospective groom is going by the old traditions and making a pledge of goats, sheep, and cows, which does hold the value of currency in some situations.
  6. While this sounds hilarious to the point of absurdity, I agree there's nothing ethically wrong with the
    proposal itself(if you can call it one)

    What i really find funny though is the mental imagery of a young Malia trying her hand at milking a cow
    at some farm after spending 6 years at the White house to the pleasure of this Kenyan suitor.
    I really doubt this is going to materialize.
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