Indo-Tibetan Border Police

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    ITBP's roles are-

    1) Vigil on the northern borders, detection and prevention of border violations, and promotion of the sense of security among the local populace.

    2) Check illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling .

    3) Provide security to sensitive installations and threatened VIPs.

    4) Restore and preserve order in any area in the event of disturbance.

    5) to maintain the peace in the country.

    Motto of ITBP- Shaurya, dridata, karm nishtha (Valour, determination, devotion to duty)

    ITBP is noted for patrolling rough mountainous borders of India and China(Tibet?), Facing avalanche, snow storm are very common.

    Weapons- SMG 9mm MP-5 (five different Marks)
    • Beretta 9mm Carbine
    • Galil: 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
    • Steyr sniper Rifle: 7.62mmx51 SSG 69
    • Arsenal Assault Rifle: 7.62mm (with attached 40mm under barrel grenade launcher)
    • Glock: 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 (different) pistols
    • Multi Grenade Launcher: This big revolver like grenade is being used by Rashtriya Rifles in Kashmir for counter insurgency operations. This comparatively light weapon works on the principle of a ‘revolver’ and grenades can be fired easily with the aimed fire provisions.
    • Long Range Sniper rifles to be used in ambush

    Equipment Wish-List of ITBP

    ITBP patrol.

    @Kunal Biswas some good pictures?
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    Documentary on ITBP by Rajya Sabha TV.
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