Hindus to lead Muharram procession in Trilokpuri

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    Hindus to lead Muharram procession in Trilokpuri

    We want to restore peace and harmony in the area and this is one of the ways that can be done”

    In a bid to restore communal harmony in Trilokpuri, the Hindus have offered to lead the Muharram procession on Tuesday.

    The volunteers of the ‘Aman committee’, working for communal harmony in the area, have come forward with the idea after a discussion with senior officers of the Delhi Police.

    Permission given
    Confirming the information, a senior police officer said: “The volunteers of the ‘Aman committee’ wanted to lead the Muharram procession as a gesture of solidarity towards Muslims who participated in the ‘jagran’, so we granted the permission,” said a senior police officer.

    “Hindus’ turn”
    A member of the committee, Harnam Singh told The Hindu: “We want to restore peace and harmony in the area and this is one of the ways by which we feel this can be done. On the day of ‘jagran’ we had gathered some people from the Muslim community, who took part in the ‘prasad’ distribution, now it’s the turn of the Hindus to do their bit.”

    The procession will begin from 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

    Keeping in mind the situation in the area, the police have shortened the route of the procession.

    Tight security
    Over 1,000 policemen and paramilitary personnel have been posted at Trilokpuri since the clashes.

    Hindus to lead Muharram procession in Trilokpuri - The Hindu
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    I hope they won't object to the religious functions of Hindus next time. If they don't want our celebrations close to their neighbourhood why should we tolerate theirs'?

    Majoritarianism is a double-edged-sword, works both ways.
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    That seems great to me..when so much hatred is spreading around the world due to religious fundamentalism..Indians are doing the opposite..celebrating each others religious ceremonies...this promotes peace and harmony between community and makes the world a better place. Three cheers again for wise Indians, both Hindus and Muslims. And Christians too. SARV DHARM SAMBHAV. (respect for all religions) is a great Indian concept.
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    not all indians just the same old hindus, have you come across the news of muslims not letting hindus to celebrate their deepawali festival in Delhi.
    sarv dharm sambhav is not possible where people donot respect each others religion. it is just a bubble which explodes time and time again.
    this same sarv dharm sambhave is not reciprocated by my all (peace loving) muslims does it?

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