HAL’s HTT-40 Trainer Prototype Enters Production

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    HAL has rolled-out the first prototype of its Hindustan Turboprop Trainer (HTT-40) with the aircraft sporting all the aircraft lights and powered on cockpit.

    HTT-40 is a tandem seat trainer aircraft being developed at HAL for the first stage training of rookie pilots.

    T Suvarna Raju, CMD, HAL, said the HTT-40 prototype efforts symbolizes the renewed and revitalized proactive approach at HAL. “It is important that all of us work towards meeting deadlines by overcoming challenges to meet expectations at various levels. The project has managed to steer through the initial headwinds and is now going full throttle. There are plans to weaponise and optimise the HTT-40 aircraft,” Raju was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

    The roll-out of the prototype took place recently from the equipping facility at the Aircraft Research and Design Centre (ARDC) hangar through a remotely operated mini-car.
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